Business Websites

Basic Business Website – $500


Home Page – Address, phone, hours, map/directions, services.

About Us Page –  History of your business, your mission, number of years in business, etc.

Contact Us Page – Address, phone, fax, email.

Blog Page – This is where you can post upcoming events, sales, etc.

“Find Us on Facebook” Button – (I’ll create Facebook page for you if you don’t have one)

Social Media Buttons – (for people to share your website on Facebook, Twitter, etc)

Basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – Privacy Policy, Meta Descriptions and Tags, Google/Bing Indexing, Anti-Spam Software.

About Website Hosting – You will be purchasing your own domain (usually less than $15).  A domain is your “www….” address.  Once the website is created, you will have the option to have the website hosted anywhere you like (hosting means a company who maintains your website, keeps it visible and functioning on the internet).  Or I will host the website for you for $15 per month.

Optional Extras

Subscribe to My Mailing List Pop-Up – Lets you create a mailing list of followers who will automatically get any new posts/blogs you do on your website.

Website Updates, Posts, Etc. – If you’re new to having a website, I can offer help in learning how to do blog posts, how to add new products or services to your website, how to announce events or sales, etc.  Or I can offer my services (starting at $25 per month) depending on the level of activity, to do these things for you.  Don’t fret about this – your website will be beautiful and functional just as it is  – it’s optional whether you want to add to it in the future.


I require 50% before work begins, then 50% upon completion of the website.  I accept cash, checks and major credit cards.

Picture 128Contact Me

If you would like to discuss creating your website, please contact me at  We can schedule a phone call to discuss the details – we can tailor your website to meet your needs.  Thank you for stopping by!  Debra

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