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Finding out how to get a business website is one of the smartest things you can do to grow your business.  Your search for “Create Website My Business” has led you to an inexpensive, easy option!  And it’s important, because nowadays, businesses aren’t even considered “real” unless they can be found online!  Seriously, most people use the internet for absolutely everything.  So if, for example, a potential customer wants to find out your location or your hours, they’re going to go online to find out.  If you don’t have a website, they’ll go to someone who does.  Not to mention finding you to begin with.  When people need a service or product of any kind, they search the internet first.  If you’re not on the internet, you won’t be found.  It really is that simple.

I’m a Website Designer and an Affiliate Marketer.  I make my living online.  You can view a few of the websites I’ve created HERE.  I offer basic business websites at an affordable price.  Listed below is exactly what’s included.

Click Here to See a Sample Business Website

Basic Business Website – $500


Home Page – Address, phone, hours, map/directions, services.

About Us Page –  History of your business, your mission, number of years in business, etc.

Contact Us Page – Address, phone, fax, email.

Blog Page – This is where you can post upcoming events, sales, etc.

“Find Us on Facebook” Button – (I’ll create Facebook page for you if you don’t have one)

Social Media Buttons – (for people to share your website on Facebook, Twitter, etc)

Basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – Privacy Policy, Meta Descriptions and Tags, Google/Bing Indexing, Anti-Spam Software.

About Website Hosting – You will be purchasing your own domain (usually less than $15).  A domain is your “www….” address.  Once the website is created, you will have the option to have the website hosted anywhere you like (hosting means a company who maintains your website, keeps it visible and functioning on the internet).  Or I will host the website for you for $15 per month.

Optional Extras

Subscribe to My Mailing List Pop-Up – Lets you create a mailing list of followers who will automatically get any new posts/blogs you do on your website.

Website Updates, Posts, Etc. – If you’re new to having a website, I can offer help in learning how to do blog posts, how to add new products or services to your website, how to announce events or sales, etc.  Or I can offer my services (starting at $25 per month) depending on the level of activity, to do these things for you.  Don’t fret about this – your website will be beautiful and functional just as it is  – it’s optional whether you want to add to it in the future.


I require 50% before work begins, then 50% upon completion of the website.  I accept cash, checks and major credit cards.

create website my businessContact Me

If you would like to discuss creating your website, please contact me at  We can schedule a phone call to discuss the details – we can tailor your website to meet your needs.  Thank you for stopping by!  Debra

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